Marion Poizeau


Marion Poizeau, Co-founder

Freelance filmmaker Marion Poizeau grew up in the French Alps, where her passion for the adventure and action sports inspired her to capture and present images on film. Marion has documented environmental and social issues in places as diverse as New Zealand and Kurdistan in Iraq. In 2010, Marion traveled through Iran in the Middle East, filming with Easkey Britton, who became the first woman ever to surf in Baluchistan in Iran. The short film shows Easkey's experience in the country and the enthusiasm of the population towards two young western women in this unique adventure. The impact and critical acclaim the short film received at many international surf festivals and international media coverage inspired Marion to return with Easkey in 2013 to film her feature documentary, 'Into the Sea', the inspirational and uplifting story of Iran's first surfers, local female heroes!

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