Easkey Britton

Dr. Easkey Britton, Co-founder

 “If we could all make small change happen, then it would make a big difference.”

Easkey Britton is an internationally renowned professional surfer, artist, scientist and epxlorer from Ireland, with a PhD in Environment and Society. Her parents taught her to surf when she was four years old and her life has revolved around surfing ever since. Easkey got her first taste for travel when she went to Tahiti and became the first Irish person to surf the infamous hell-wave Teahupoo aged just 16! She is Ireland’s five-time National Surfing Champion and Global big-wave XXL nominee. The seed for Waves of Freedom was planted following Easkey's search for surf in the unexplored desert region of Chabahar in Iran with film-maker Marion Poizeau in 2010. This experience lead to her ground-breaking return to Iran in 2013, making lasting connections with inspiring local sportswomen and youth through the art of surfing and sharing her passion, documenting in the up-coming feature documentary, Into the Sea. Easkey has recently joined the Oxfam Heroes campaign as one of their ambassadors.

“I always wanted to get under the surface of the ocean and that is what has led my life in this direction,” she says of her body of work and co-founding Waves of Freedom in 2013.

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